How to use the database – a quick guide

The current version (1.0, August 2021) contains entries on 1,100 British (and some Irish) women writers active in Britain between 1945 and 1960. In most cases, activity here means publication. We have collected and compared data from many different online and offline sources but we cannot guarantee accuracy despite our best efforts.

For technical reasons, dates are given in the American style (YYYY-MM-DD).

The toggle search function allows you to display and hide columns from the database. The search fields within individual columns can be combined, for example if you want to display all women writers who were born in 1901 and who wrote novels.

The columns ‘TLS’, ‘Listener’, ‘Times’, and ‘Financial Times’ list how often these authors are mentioned in these journals or newspapers in the period. For more on this aspect of the project, see Berensmeyer/Trurnit (forthcoming), “Postwar British Women Writers and their Cultural Impact: A Quantitative Approach”.

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